1912 Center as the High School

The Cornerstone Club

The 1912 Center's annual giving program

Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI) is proud of the 1912 Center Cornerstone Club our giving program for building renovations. By making an annual contribution and joining the Cornerstone Club, you become a member of a community of patrons who are committed to the full restoration and development of the historic 1912 Center.

People who donate to HAI for the 1912 Center automatically become members of The Cornerstone Club. 100% of your donation will be used to renovate the 1912 Center to a fully functioning and beautifully restored facility.

Please consider the following giving categories and make your investment today at a level which will make you proud. You are welcome to make several gifts over the course of a year to reach a certain donor level. Donations do not need to be made all at once.

$19.12 and up: Building Partner
$60 and up: Preservationist
$120 and up: Historic Investor
$250 and up: Community Builder
$1,000 and up: Civic Leader

Checks made out to Heart of the Arts, Inc. may be mailed to: PO Box 8851, Moscow, ID 83843, or call the office at (208) 669-2249 to pay with a credit card over the phone. Please write "1912 Center Cornerstone Club" in your memo line and be sure to include all your contact information so that HAI may record your donation properly.

For a gift of $1,912 you can sponsor a window at the 1912 Center and a plaque will be engraved to be installed on the window of your choice. This gift can be made over several years of donations as well. To find out which windows still need sponsorship, please visit the HAI office at the 1912 Center to see the building window map.

Join the 1912 Center Cornerstone Club today. Your generosity is the foundation of our success. Thank you.

2011 Donor Roll
A star next to a donor's name indicates a charter member of the Cornerstone Club.

Civic Leaders
ARC of Latah County
Avista Foundation
Northern Region Greatest Need Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
*Joel and Mary Jo Hamilton Fund at Inland Northwest Community Foundation
*Lynne D. McCreight
*Deborah Norum

Community Builders
*Charlene Brannon
*Stephany Burge and Tim Spencer
David Christian
Scott and Karri Fedale
*Richard and Sally Fredericks
Thomas Hansen
*Walter Hesford and Elinor Michel
*John and Wendy Lawrence
Moscow Cares
*Duane and Ruthie Nellis
*Nancy and David Nelson
Palouse Folklore Society
Joanne Reece and Bill Voxman
D. Nels and Joyce Reese
*Jenny Sheneman
Ellen Thiem
*Barbara and Richard Wells

Historic Investors
*Dave Ackley and Lynn Ate
*Paul Allan and Louise Ashmun
*Sue Allard
*Kenton Bird and Gerri Sayler
Bonnie and Mark Brainard
*Mark and Gail DeSantis
Shirley A. Engerbretsen
Guardian Property Services
Michael Kostroff
In memory of Phyllis LeTourneau
Palouse Women Artists
*Pam and Wayne Peterson
Purple Paisley Quilters
Sherrill Richarz
*Roger Rowley and Carise Skinner
Dan and Martha Schmidt
*Stan and Dorothy Thomas
Jane Weiss
*Ken and Karen White
Pam and Ed Wimer

Anonymous (2)
*Miranda and John Anderson
*Elbert M. and Elna Barton
Mark and Jennifer Becker
Elisabeth Berlinger
Tom Besser and Kathy Potter
*Pam Bettis and Jim Gregson
Tom Bode
*Monte and Helen Boisen
*Jim and Susan Calvert
Nancy Chaney and Gary Bryan
Lennard and Claire Chin
Arthur and Constance Driver
Lauren Fins and David Potter
Jerry and Terri Grzebielski
*Carole Hurley Hughes
*Mark Hume and Mary DuPree
Joy Irving
*Hazel Jahr
*Peggy Jenkins and Jay Feldman
Eric and Jan Jensen
Leonard and Odessa Johnson
*S. Kay Keskinen
*Larry and Joanne Kirkland
Kathie LaFortune
*Jack and Martha McIver
*Linda Pall
Evelyn Palmer
Jay and Mimi Pengilly
*Jack and Cathy Porter
*Melissa Rockwood
J. Michael and Sharon Scott
*Roger and Judith Wallins
Kathleen Warnick
Ned Warnick
*Rich and Dana Wekerle

Building Partners
Anonymous (4)
*Terry Abraham and Priscilla Wegars
Linda and Douglas Adams
Evie and Lou Adler
Claire Anderson
Mary and Brade Baker
Sue Benier
Betty and Jim Benson
Isabel Bond
*Bill Bonney
Janice Brandal
*Richard and Barbara Bull
*Tenley Burke
Kathleen and Ben Burns
*Bob and Nel Carver
Christine Cavanaugh
*Linda Christenson
Carol and Joseph Cloud
Ross Coates and Marilyn Lyoshir
Latah County Historical Society
Helen Dewey
Margaret Dibble
Betsy and Bob Dickow
Doris and Louis Edwards
Doug and Joy Fisher
Margaret Flint
Amy and Andy Ford
Walter and Luella Frey
Furniture Center Inc.
Ghazi Ghazanfar
*Betsy Goodman
Keith Gunther
Joanne Hespelt
Jane and Herbert Hess
*Barbara E. Hume
Kaitlin Jones and Tyler Rauh
Bob and Kathy Kearney
Marilyn and Steve Kohler
Tom and Aly Lamar
Bob and Lois Leonard
*Mike and Bernita Linderman
Linn and Terry Lindsey
Jay and Sandy Mauchley
William and Deborah McLaughlin
Helen E. Messinger
Jon and Solveig Miller
Mary Ann Moser
Vern Pelton
Andriette Pieron
Fred Rabe
Roberta Radavich and Tim Daulton
John and Mary Read
Mary Ann Reese
*Ellen Roskovich
Ron and Peg Sack
*Wilhelmina O. Sarai-Clark
Ludmilla Saskova
Stu and Sue Scott
Luke Sheneman
Chris Sokol and Loudon Stanford
Marjory Stage
*William Stellmon
*Marci Stephens
Lucille (Lou) Stevens
Elizabeth Sullivan
Steve and Chris Talbott
William E. Terrio
*Tom and Jo Ann Trail
Marilyn Watts
Dave and Lynn Weaver
Steffen and Nicole Werner
Joanne Westberg, Tim Milot and Annie Milot Stuckey
William and Linda Wharton
George and Gleanne Wray

Any questions about the Cornerstone Club donor roll may be directed to the HAI office. Please contact Jenny Kostroff at (208) 669-2249. Thank you for your wonderful support!


Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI) Enriching lives and creating community by operating and restoring the 1912 Center.

1912 Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
412 East Third Street * Moscow, ID 83843 * (208) 669-2249
Located between Adams & Van Buren
Just three blocks up from downtown on Third Street, across from Moscow High School

Please walk, bike, carpool or use the bus to come to the 1912 Center as parking is limited.
Also, be considerate of our neighbors and do not block their driveways.

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